Solid Wood Amish Tables in Many Styles

Since 1998 TOH Handcrafted has been providing solid wood furniture that holds its value for a lifetime. Each piece is constructed with wood from carefully selected North American hardwoods, built by skilled Amish craftsmen, and finished by hand with superior finishes. The TOH “made to order” construction process provides the unique ability to put the design in your hands.

Each table can be lovingly customized to become exactly what you want for your home. There is no limit to the size of table that TOH can construct. Add as many leaves as you would like. Leaves can be self-stored in most tables. All tables come with a metal gear system that ensures proper alignment that will stand the test of time.

Whether you want a table with legs, pedestals or unique trestle design, TOH can accommodate. Browse the table collection to find a style to suit your taste whether it be Shaker, Mission, “Live Edge”, Traditional, Modern, French, Victorian, Country, Rustic, Transitional or, design your own.

 Pedestal Tables

 Standard Pedestal Table 42  Modern Shaker Pedestal Table 42 Carlisle Shaker Single Pedestal 42 

42" x 54"  Traditional Single Pedestal.

Available in 36", 42" 48" 54" 60" widths.  Up to 3 - 12" leaves.  ( Also round, rect.,  or square)

 42" Round Modern Shaker Pedestal

Widths are  36", 42", 44", 48", 54" with up to 3-12" leaves.  Also in oval, rect. or square shape.

42" Carlisle Shaker .

Widths are 42", 48", 54", 60" .  Available wth up to 3- 12" leaves. ( Also Oval, rect.  or Square )

 Standard Double Pedestal Table 48  Craftsman Double Pedestal Table 42 Mission Style Double Pedestal Table 42 

 48" x 72" Traditional  Double Pedestal W/ 10" Pedestals

also available 42" or 48" W  x 60" , 66", 72" L w/ up to 4 -12" self storing leaves.  

 42" x 72" Craftsman Butterfly Leaf Table w/ 2 - 18" Leaves 

Also available 48" Width.

42" x 66" Saker  Double Pedestal

Can be built without "slats" between pedestals

Available in same sizes at traditional double pedestal table. 

Fluted Double Pedestal Table 42  Banquet Double Pedestal Table 42  Copper Canyon Double Pedestal Table 42 

 42" x 60" Fluted Double Pedestal w/ Cabriole Feet 

Availavle in ame sizes as traditional double pedestal.

 42" x 66" Banquet 

Available in same sizes at traditional double ped table.  

 42" x 66" Copper Canyon Double Pedestal

Available in same sizes as traditional double ped table




 Leg Tables

  All Leg Tables are available in various widths - 36", 42" 44", 48" and various lengths - 36", 42", 48", 54", 60", 66", 72".  Solid top,with up to 4 leaves, but, all ( exept Sequoia ) can have extra leaves if needed.  There are many leg styles to choose from.  

Shaker Harvest Table 42 Country Harvest Table 42  OW Shaker Table 42 

42" x 60" Shaker Harvest 

 42" x 66" Country Harvest 42" x 60" O. W. Shaker 
Refectory Table w/ 2 - 20  Sequioa Solid Top Table 42  Western Plank Table w/ Bread Board ends 42 
48" x 72" Refectory  Table W/ 2 - 18" Leaves  42" x 72" Sequoia Solid Top  42" x 66" Western Plank Table W/ Bread Board Ends
 Platinum Harvest Table 42 Queen Anne Harvest Table 42  Regal Style Harvest Table 42 
 42" x 54" Platinum   42" x 60" Queen Anne   42" x 66" Regal


Trestle Tables 



Astoria Table Oak Soho Table Brown Maple Sonora Table Oak

 Astoria Table

54" x 54" soiid top

Also available 54" x 54" w/ 2-12" leaves

 Soho Table Sonora Table 
Aurora Table Oak   Talieson Table Oak
 Standard Mission Table  

 Talieson Table


Pub & Gathering Tables


Single Pedestal Pub Table Double Pedestal Pub Table 30 Urban Style Pub Table 36
 Traditional Pedestal Pub Table 30" Round.  Also availble 36" or 42" Round.  36" H or 42" H.  Solid top.  Double Pedestal Pub Table 30" x 60" 

 36" Round Urban Pub Table.

Also available in 42" Round. Can be regular table height, 36"H or 42" H.  Solid top only.  

Shaker Style Gathering Table 42 OW Shaker Gathering Table 36  

 42" Square Gathering Table 36" H


Available in all sizes offered on our harvest tables.  36" or 42" H.  With or without leaves.



 OW Shaker Gathering Table 36" H

Also 42" H.  Available in all sizes offered on our harvest tables.  42" or 48" W. With or without leaves.